Finding Inspiration in the Past

Inspiration comes from many places. For me, it comes from seeing a beautiful thing, whether that be an amazing picture,  a painting or an outfit walking down the street. One thing that never fails to intrigue and inspire me is the 1950’s; a complex decade that to me, speaks to the psychology behind gender roles and the undeniable impact of fashion on society.

Christian Dior’s  “New Look” re-imprisoned women in corsets and crinolines- an imprisonment that many accepted willingly even after their brief taste of social freedom during WW2. I could go on forever about the subliminal messages behind the fashions, but despite my disagreeing with many of the values of the 1950’s, I am in love with the style. I’m in love with the feminine woman, who wears her skirts no matter the occasion. This view is not very “modern woman”, I realize, but I can’t help myself- it was just all so pretty!

My number one fashion icon of the 1950’s is my grandma, who, despite working in the wheat fields and caring for 4 children, always possessed that 50’s poise and elegance.




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